health science

We offer the following classes on a regular basis:

  1. Long-Term Care Nurses Aide - this is a 96-hour class that offers a certification as a LTCNA.
  2. Certified Medication Aide - this is a 56-hour class that offers a certification that allows you to dispense medications under the supervision of a RN or LPN.
  3. Certified Medication Aide Update - this is an 8-hour refresher that allows you to maintain your CMA certification. This is offered monthly.
  4. Phlebotomy - we offer you a class that is 140 hours but gives you the opportunity to test for a national certification.

Please feel free to call or come by for additional information, class dates, and pricing. We can do these classes for a specific industry or as a private pay by arrangement.

We also can offer by arrangement additional classes such as:

  1. Medication Aide Technician
  2. Medication Aide Technician Update
  3. Advanced Certified Medication Aide - Diabetes Care
  4. Restorative Care Aide
  5. Home Health Aide
  6. Feeding Assistant Aide

career majors

Please note that Career Majors may not be available at all campuses.

Please download the Student Handbook - Major Addendum located on the Students tab for specific campus offerings. They are identified under the Career Majors with Course Listing section of that booklet.
Advanced Acute Care Nursing Assistant
717 | Financial Aid is available!
Basic Medical Assistant
885 | Financial Aid is available!
Certified Medication Aide
Dental Assistant 1
975 | Financial Aid is available!
Home Health Care Nursing Aide
Medical Assistant II
944 | Financial Aid is available!
Medication Administration Technician
Mental Health Aide I
621 | Financial Aid is available!
Nursing Assistant
Pharmacy Technician
720 | Financial Aid is available!
600 | Financial Aid is available!
Practical Nursing
1508 | Financial Aid is available!
Restorative Aide
600 | Financial Aid is available!
Therapy Technician
945 | Financial Aid is available!
Veterinary Assistant
600 | Financial Aid is available!