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Tuition - Payments - Refunds


For the 2021-2022 school year, in-district tuition is $2.00 per clock hour (out-of- district is $4.00, out-of-state is $6.00) times the number of hours in the student’s program.  These are typical tuition rates for most programs and may vary.  Practical Nursing and Paramedic programs have a different tuition rate.  Please contact a Kiamichi Tech representative to figure out your individual tuition rate for the program you want to attend.

Payment Options

It is the student’s responsibility to pay their tuition or make financial arrangements prior to the start of their program. Students have several options:

• Pay Tuition in Full for entire program.
• Pay Tuition by Semester, the first day of class.
• Approved federal student aid or scholarship letter in place.

If tuition is being paid by a third party, tuition will be held out of Pell disbursements until the payment is received from the outside source. If a guarantee of payment is received from the third-party source then required tuition only will be held out of Pell disbursements. Once tuition is received from the outside source, a general fund claim form will be completed and turned in to the Business Office for reimbursement. This will go before the Board of Education for approval at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Transfer Hours/Advanced Standing Credit

Students may receive advanced standing credit for any hours that transfer to his or her program. The instructor will determine whether the student qualifies for advanced standing, and he or she will submit the advanced standing hours on a Prior Credit form. Students will not be charged tuition for the advanced standing hours.

If a student transfers from another educational institution with coursework in his or her program area, the student must submit a transcript to the program instructor. The program instructor will determine what credits will transfer to the current program requirements.

Out-of-State/Out-of-District Tuition Policy

Please note that once students are on out-of-state tuition or out-of-district tuition, they will remain on out-of-district/out-of-state tuition for the remainder of that semester.
If the student moves before he/she starts the semester then the student may request a change with the Registrar to the in-district/in-state tuition rate with proof that they currently live in-district/in-state, whichever applies. The Registrar will then contact the business office to adjust the tuition rate.

Examples of documentation that a student resides in-district/in-state include: Utility bill (water, electric, gas, etc.) in the name of the student with the correct address and dated before the student started the semester.

Refund Policy

Tuition refunds will be made to students receiving VA tuition benefits and all other students, including Title IV students, on a withdrawal schedule by semester:

• 80% during the first week
• 50% during the second week
• 25% during the third week
• 0% after three weeks of class

Any student receiving financial assistance, including VA beneficiaries that receive a refund may be in debt to the funding source.