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Public Information

Public Information


In accordance with the Oklahoma Government Website Information Act, which requires public bodies to make available on their Web sites statutes affecting the public body and its operation, the following links are provided. Please click on the links below to access the information available.

Rules for Career and Technology Education, Title 780 of the Oklahoma Administrative Code PDF

Oklahoma Open Meeting Act, 25 O.S. Supp.2010, Sections 301 et seq.

Oklahoma Open Records Act, 51 O.S. Supp. 2010, Sections 24A.1 et seq.



Kiamichi Tech is accredited by the following agencies:

Staff, Stakeholders, customers and current or prospective students wishing to review documents describing the institution's accreditation, approval or licensing should submit a written request to do so to the Office of the Superintendent, 1004 Highway 2 North, Wilburton, OK 74578.


Student Licensure Disclosures

The United States Department of Education Federal Code amendment 34 CFR §668.43 requires that all institutions that participate in Title IV federal programs provide student professional license disclosures.  Institutions must disclose to students whether their curriculum satisfies the education requirements for licensure or certification in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and specified U.S. territories.

View our Student Licensure Disclosures webpage.


Freedom of Expression

Kiamichi Tech Board of Education Freedom of Expression Policy 12.1

December 17, 2020

Re:         Kiamichi Technology Center, 2020 Annual Report on Campus Free Speech pursuant to Okla. Stat. tit. 70, § 2120

To the Governor and the Honorable Members of the Oklahoma Legislature:

Pursuant to Okla. Stat. tit. 70, § 2120, Kiamichi Technology Center School District No. 7 of Latimer County, Oklahoma, also known as Kiamichi Tech, submits this annual report on Campus Free Speech.

Following the enactment of Okla. Stat. tit. 70, § 2120, Kiamichi Tech has adopted a policy on Freedom of Expression that applies to expressive activity on KTC’s property. A copy of this policy has been attached to this report. KTC has included this policy in its student handbook, which is available online to students, staff, and the public. Kiamichi Tech additionally has provided training to its staff and students on this policy.

Using this policy as guidance, Kiamichi Tech has made a commitment to encouraging the free and open exchange of ideas. It encourages students and visitors to exercise their rights to speak, write, listen, challenge, learn, and assemble. Kiamichi Tech is committed to only restricting expression in accordance with the limitations of Okla. Stat. tit. 70, § 2120.

Kiamichi Tech has not established any zones that limit free speech, has no barriers to free expression, and has experienced no incidents or disruption occurring on its campuses linked to free speech issues.  Furthermore, there have been no attempts to block or prohibit speakers; likewise, there have been no attempts to investigate students or student organizations for their speech.

Complaints arising out of a violation of this policy should be sent, in writing, to:
Compliance Officer
Kiamichi Technology Centers
1004 Highway 2 N
Wilburton, OK  74578

Contact Information

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1004 Highway 2 North
Wilburton, Oklahoma 74578
Phone: 918-465-2323
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