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Ag Business Management

The Kiamichi Tech Agriculture Business Management Program (ABM) has been providing assistance to agriculture families throughout southeast Oklahoma since 1999.  The main objective of the ABM program is to help farm families achieve their farm business and family goals through improved management, organization and efficiency practices. 

The management plan you develop through the program will be logical, easily maintained and personalized to your management style and resources. The ABM Coordinator will assist you in developing this plan by helping you gather facts and information about your operation as well as identifying and utilizing resources available to you.

The formal instructional part of the program enables farm families to learn record keeping skills.  They learn how to use records in their financial, tax, and production/planning analysis. In addition to classroom experience, some farm families elect to receive services via farm visitations.  This is time spent applying topics/discussions to their individual needs, updating records, or discussing what the next step(s) will be in the operation.  Some use this time to update and balance their records.    

Questions about the Ag Business Management Coordinator

Jacob Poole
(918) 740-8940
Email Jacob Here