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OkPTAC: Spotlight on Cavanal Services

Posted Date: 02/04/2022

OkPTAC: Spotlight on Cavanal Services

Carl Brown moved back to his hometown, Poteau, OK, and started a business in the midst of a global pandemic. Cavanal Services is a Choctaw-owned mortgage and financial industry outsourcing provider with a goal to bring new industry and jobs to Southeast Oklahoma.

“The PTAC at Kiamichi Tech has been the best resource we have found,” said Brown. “Ron has helped us understand government contracting and is continually teaching us the ins and outs of working with federal agencies. He has participated with us on client calls—we really value this partnership and look to him as a voice of opportunity for growing our business throughout Southeast Oklahoma.”

Cavanal Services opened their doors in March 2020 and brought on their first client in April. Currently, they have 12 employees and are continuing to grow as client and market needs increase.

With Ron’s help, Cavanal Services has submitted several bids for government contracts and built relationships with other agencies.

“We are providing assistance to give Cavanal Services opportunities to grow by bidding on government contracts,” said Ron DeGiacomo, PTAC coordinator.

“The more bidding opportunities we provide increases the number of bids submitted and that could lead to contract awards which gives Cavanal Services an opportunity to grow the community and individuals living in those communities by adding jobs.”

In 2019, the Kiamichi Tech PTAC assisted clients by matching their capabilities to online agency bid opportunities that resulted in over $7 million in awarded contracts.