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Kiamichi Tech and TH Rogers: Preparing clients for success in government contracting

Posted Date: 05/05/2022

Kiamichi Tech and TH Rogers: Preparing clients for success in government contracting

Government contracting can be overwhelming and time consuming, especially for a small business. The Kiamichi Tech Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) helps clients grow their business and find the right opportunities to increase revenue through contracts with government agencies. Ron DeGiacomo, the Kiamichi Tech PTAC Coordinator, has been working with TH Rogers Lumber Company since 2018 doing just that.  

The TH Rogers Lumber Company is a full-service building materials supplier serving professional builders, contractors, remodelers and homeowners. The goal of the company is to provide quality materials at competitive prices, all while providing unmatched customer service. There are five locations within the Kiamichi Tech District in Southeast Oklahoma that employ almost 50 employees. 

“We had bid for local government jobs but wanted to grow our share of the market in state and federal opportunities,” said Iva Due, District Manager for TH Rogers. “The services that Ron provides through the PTAC help set us apart in the bidding process.”  

In the early stages of this partnership, DeGiacomo helped register TH Rogers as a federal contractor and tailored a profile to highlight the company’s capability and the products they sell. This profile is used to match the client with bid opportunities on buying agency bid sites.  

“Anytime there is a project out there that we are a good fit for, Ron lets us know,” said Due. “He is always looking for any opportunity to help our business and community grow.” 

DeGiacomo helps keep those registrations up to date for each TH Rogers location and sends daily emails to the company that lists any open bids that align with TH Rogers products. 

“Time is one of my most valuable resources, and Ron always makes time to help grow our business," said Due. “As a district manager, I am only looking for things that add value to the business and the bottom line.” 

TH Rogers is over 100 years strong and still growing. The company is employee-owned and appreciates the value and hard work their employees bring to the business. 

“When small businesses in Southeast Oklahoma win, the employees of that business and their communities win,” said DeGiacomo. “It can be time consuming, but Iva, Scott and their team have taken the time to do the work and have done it successfully.” 

Since 2019, TH Rogers has won various contracts with federal agencies totaling over $500,000 in award dollars. 

Working with the Kiamichi Tech PTAC has given TH Rogers the opportunity to build relationships in the communities it serves, in addition to major local government agencies.  

Scott Logan, Outside Sales and Assistant Manager, serves on Kiamichi Tech’s Business and Education Council that has the purpose of connecting students and jobs and matching training to workforce needs. They have often participated in job fairs and have even hired students who have completed training at Kiamichi Tech. The partnership between Kiamichi Tech and TH Rogers lumber company is mutually beneficial to both organizations and the community.  

“You cannot put a price on the knowledge and training that Ron has provided,” said Logan. “It can be like learning a new language and he has worked to translate and walk us though the entire process step by step.” 

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