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Meet Kevin Brown, Construction Technology

Posted Date: 04/02/2024

Meet Kevin Brown, Construction Technology

Kevin Brown, a first-year Construction Technology student, is getting ready for his future and is focused on getting the skills he needs to succeed. 

Why did you choose to attend Kiamichi Tech?
I wanted to learn a skill that would set me up for a good job in the future. I really like that my instructor, Mr. Denny, has a lot of knowledge of this industry and experience in running his own shop. I knew learning from a construction pro would get me ready for my own career.

What skills have you developed at Kiamichi Tech that will help you succeed?
At Kiamichi Tech, we learn the tangible skills of our trade, like frame building, roofing and woodwork, but we also learn interpersonal skills that are important in any field, like responsibility, dependability and the importance of showing up. 

What are your career plans?
I would like to own my own construction business. I know that I will need to work for someone in the beginning, but owning my own company is where I want to end up.