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Meet Russia Smith, Pre-Engineering

Posted Date: 02/26/2024

Meet Russia Smith, Pre-Engineering

Russia Smith is a first-year Pre-Engineering student at Kiamichi Tech - Idabel with a plan for her future. She says that stepping out of her comfort zone and trying something new has made her experience at Kiamichi Tech a memorable one.

Why did you choose to attend Kiamichi Tech?
My older sister completed the Pre-Engineering program at Kiamichi Tech and went on to earn a degree in Chemical Engineering at Oklahoma State. I hope to follow in her footsteps of success, and this program is the best first step!

What skills have you developed at Kiamichi Tech that have helped you succeed? 
I have developed time management skills and the importance of making sure I get my homework done, even if that means sacrificing spending time with my friends.

What are your career plans?
My future plans are to attend Oklahoma State University to earn a degree in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering. Kiamichi Tech has helped prepare me for that by providing challenging math and science classes in a supportive environment, which has helped me raise my ACT score. I have learned the basics of engineering in this program and will be going into my college classes with a better knowledge of the field than most of my peers.