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Meet Jordan Teague, Practical Nursing

Posted Date: 02/26/2024

Meet Jordan Teague, Practical Nursing

Jordan Teague will graduate from the Practical Nursing program in June 2024, but before she was accepted into the PN program, she completed the Health Careers Education program, giving her a jumpstart on her career in healthcare. 

Why did you choose to attend Kiamichi Tech?
Growing up with family members in the healthcare field, I was always in that environment and saw first hand what came with it. In high school, I chose the Health Careers Education program because I knew I wanted to work in healthcare. I knew it  would be a good introduction to the medical field. 

My interest in becoming a nurse was solidified while in the Health Careers program, so I knew I had to apply for the Kiamichi Tech Practical Nursing program. It is a very successful program with high pass rates. Many amazing nurses I know attended here, including my grandma, mom, and sister. They all came out with the skills and knowledge needed to be a successful nurse and the compassion needed to truly help people. 

What skills have you developed at Kiamichi Tech that will help you in your career?
The Health Careers program helped me gain skills in obtaining vital signs, CPR, phlebotomy, patient care, and so much more. Learning these skills before starting the Practical Nursing program has definitely contributed to my success in this program so far. 

What are your career plans?
After I graduate from  the Practical Nursing program, I plan to continue my education and obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and work as a Registered Nurse in labor and delivery.