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Meet Brian Rigatti, Construction Technology

Posted Date: 02/01/2024

Meet Brian Rigatti, Construction Technology

Brian Rigatti will complete the Construction Technology program at Kiamichi Tech - Atoka in May 2024, but he does not plan to stop there. He looks forward to fine-tuning his skills to become even more successful in the workforce. 

Why did you choose to attend Kiamichi Tech?
I grew up liking to put things together and use my hands to build things. I took a carpentry class in middle school that I really enjoyed, and at Kiamichi Tech, I get to train to do this for my career.

What skills have you developed at Kiamichi Tech that will help you in your career?
I really enjoy that I get to be hands-on in my program. The technical skills I have gained in framing, sheet rocking, roofing, cabinet making, and so much more have given me the industry experience I need to be successful. 

What are your career plans?
After I complete the Construction Technology program, I plan to come back to Tech to train in Electrical Technology. Then, I’ll be ready to enter the construction and electrical field with industry-endorsed certifications and a good knowledge of several trades.