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Meet Savannah Dombkowski, Digital Marketing & Management

Posted Date: 02/01/2024

Meet Savannah Dombkowski, Digital Marketing & Management

Savannah Dombkowski completed the Digital Marketing and Management program at Kiamichi Tech – Atoka in May of 2020. At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world was living in uncertain times; however, Savannah, a Tushka senior at the time, was certain of her future as a marketing and web design professional. 

Why did you choose Kiamichi Tech?

I wanted to further my knowledge while in high school. I saw Kiamichi Tech as an opportunity to have a better job and knew I would gain the knowledge, skills and certifications that would help me in my future. When I came to Tech, I was unsure of what my future career might be. It soon became clear that I had a passion for digital marketing, which is the path I am now pursuing both in college and as a small business owner. 

What skills did you develop at Kiamichi Tech that helped you succeed?

As a student, I was involved in DECA, which gave me the opportrunity to prepare for things like interviews and job skills that I now use running Creative Edge Media & Marketing, my marketing and web design business. 

How did Kiamichi Tech prepare you for your career?

I learned skills that are helping me in college and in life, like how to use a spreadsheet to manage different areas of my business and organize my life and job. I learned that I had a passion for web design. That passion turned into a business plan that is helping me pay for college. I would have not known about a career in communications and marketing without the exposure I had to the industry in my program. 

What did you enjoy most about Kiamichi Tech?

I most enjoyed the people that I encountered. All the instructors and employees were always so helpful and really invested in making sure I succeeded in everything that I put my mind to. Kiamichi Tech helped me prepare for things that come outside of high school and even college. I left high school feeling more confident about my future because of my experiences at Tech.