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Meet Melody Gresham, Licensed Cosmetologist, Entrepreneur and Aspiring Welder

Posted Date: 08/26/2023

Meet Melody Gresham, Licensed Cosmetologist, Entrepreneur and Aspiring Welder

Melody Gresham is a former Kiamichi Tech - Atoka Cosmetology student, a licensed cosmetologist and an entrepreneur, owning a local window artistry business. Now, she has enrolled in the Welding Technology Program to broaden her skillset and career path. 

Melody is a lifelong learner and is always up for a new challenge. She had the following to say about her time at Kiamichi Tech:

Why did you choose to attend Kiamichi Tech?

I attended Kiamichi Tech my junior and senior year of high school for cosmetology and I loved it - I still have my license up to date. I wanted to challenge myself with a new skill, so I decided to pursue welding so that I could learn a new trade, make more money and travel. 

What skills have you developed at Kiamichi Tech that have helped you succeed?

I am not far into welding yet, but the skills I learned in cosmetology helped me succeed as a cosmetologist for six years, and I still use those skills occasionally. 

What are your career plans? How has Kiamichi Tech helped prepare you for that career?

My plans after passing and receiving my welding certification are to find a good job on a pipeline or wherever feels right. My instructor came from that type of career, so having someone to train along side who has done the work that I want to do is setting me up for success.

What have you enjoyed most about your experience at Kiamichi Tech?

I have a thirst for knowledge and I enjoy learning something new every day. Kiamichi Tech is the best place to learn and it has helped me be successful as a cosmetologist, entreprenuer and soon, as a welder.