welding technology

Students in this program will learn the techniques of oxyacetylene cutting and brazing, Shielded Metal Arc welding (stick) and plasma cutting, Gas Tungsten Arc welding (TIG), Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG), and how to work with different materials.

The program also includes safety, blueprint reading, layout with related math, inspection, testing, materials, trade terminology, and fabrication. Studies as related to structural fabrication, oil-gas industrial field pipe welding, and other industrial practices, including selection of appropriate welding process for the job task will be included in the curriculum.

career majors

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480-Hour SMAW Structural Welder - NCCEr Aligned
FCAW/GTAW Pipe Welder
927 | Financial Aid is available!
SMAW Structural Welder - NCCER Aligned
1050 | Financial Aid is available!
SMAW/GTAW Structural Welder - NCCER Aligned
1050 | Financial Aid is available!


Graduates of this Program are given the opportunity to certify with the Oklahoma State Department of Labor and the American Welding Society.

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