teacher prep-Early care & education

The Teacher Prep major prepares students for a beginning framework for entering the field of education. Students will learn theory, create lesson plans, as well as put their plans into action. Students will complete several field experiences that will help them have a knowledge of the requirements and characteristics that are needed by a teacher. The career major culminates with American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) Education Fundamentals certification test.

The Early Care and Education targeted majors introduces students to the world of work by providing them with theory, laboratory practice, and work-site learning experiences that will enable them to acquire skills for service occupations. Students' individual needs and ability levels are considered in assisting them with career choices. Students are equipped with skills that will enable them to be successful in entry-level service occupations related to child care.

career majors

Please note that Career Majors may not be available at all campuses.

Please download the Student Handbook - Major Addendum located on the Students tab for specific campus offerings. They are identified under the Career Majors with Course Listing section of that booklet.
Early Care & Education Teacher Assistant (FY19) - Year 1
Early Care and Education Master Instructor
1050 | Financial Aid is available!
Teacher Prep
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