cnc technology

In the CNC Technology program, you will learn to cut and form metal to make tools, machines and mechanical parts necessary for all manufactured products. You will learn the basics of machining on manual lathes and mills. Once you have a working knowledge of machining operations, you will use computerized numerical control machines to manufacture products that are functional and accurate.

career majors

Please note that Career Majors may not be available at all campuses.

Please download the Student Handbook - Major Addendum located on the Students tab for specific campus offerings. They are identified under the Career Majors with Course Listing section of that booklet.
Advanced CNC Machinist
1470 | Financial Aid is available!
CNC Machinist Assistant
CNC Manufacturing Technician
1080 | Financial Aid is available!
CNC/CAM Technician
1380 | Financial Aid is available!
Engine Lathe Operator Technician
600 | Financial Aid is available!
Manual Machinist


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