criminal justice

Students enrolled in this major will be given the opportunity to develop the skills and attitudes needed to successfully enter the law enforcement profession according to their personal choice, ability, and resourcefulness.

The courses are student-centered with a clearly defined plan of individual study.  Each student will work with the instructor and\or counselor to complete their individual Plan of Study which will identify the Career Major(s) the student will pursue.  Curriculum will be presented in module format and will be facilitated by the instructor.

 A Criminal Forensic Career Major will also be offered beginning in 2016-2017

 Criminal Justice Program Brochure

  • Become competent in the fundamental skills of the law enforcement profession.
  • Become qualified for further related education and/or entry into the job market.
  • Participate as responsible citizens.

career majors

Please note that Career Majors may not be available at all campuses.

Please download the Student Handbook - Major Addendum located on the Students tab for specific campus offerings. They are identified under the Career Majors with Course Listing section of that booklet.
Criminal Forensics
600 | Financial Aid is available!
Criminal Justice - Year 1
Criminal Justice Specialized
1050 | Financial Aid is available!