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Kiamichi Tech Responds to COVID-19

COVID-19 Updates


Kiamichi Tech is Going Virtual: Transition to distance education, physical campuses limited to essential staff

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we continue to navigate the many challenges to Kiamichi Technology Centers’ regular efforts to deliver classroom instruction and services in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This week, our faculty and staff are working diligently to transition instruction and services to alternative delivery methods. Consistent with governmental action and directives from the Oklahoma State Department of Education and Oklahoma Department of CareerTech (ODCTE), our physical campuses will continue to be closed to all but essential staff until further notice.

As we determine next steps, the health and wellbeing of our students, educators, staff, and communities remain at the forefront of our decisions. The following are status updates for our various areas of operation, effective April 6, 2020:

  • Full-Time Programs: Our staff are working diligently to ensure our students will have the opportunity to continue in their respective programs. Students who are currently enrolled in our programs will be served by distance learning for the remainder of the school year. We are working in partnership with ODCTE and licensing and accreditation entities to remove any restrictions on completing programs via distance learning. In the very near future, we will be providing students specific information related to their respective program's continuous learning plan. We are currently surveying students to determine gaps in access to technology and internet connectivity. Students are asked to connect with their instructors if they have not already done so.
  •  Financial Aid: Our District Financial Aid Coordinator is working closely with federal and state officials to determine the most positive outcome for our students who receive financial assistance.
  • Short-Term Courses: All previously scheduled short-term courses have been suspended; and our training coordinators are looking at ways to bring classes online.
  • Business and Industry Services: Our Business and Industry Services team will stay in contact with clients and continue to provide customized solutions for businesses. While health and safety related trainings are a priority during this time, we are also exploring distance learning options to fulfill additional workforce training needs.
  • Other Services: Beginning April 6, 2020, contact your local technology center campus for details on the continuation of specific services.
  • Faculty and Staff: In an effort to decrease the spread of the virus, we are limiting the number of employees on our campuses and exploring telework options. Guidelines and procedures are being developed for all staff levels, with plans of beginning remote work on April 6, 2020. Additional communication regarding telework, work reassignments, and continuation of services will be provided to faculty and staff in the very near future.

While this shift in operations will be challenging, we believe it is the best alternative in this situation. We recognize that distance education is not the ideal delivery method for CareerTech training. However, our goal is to deliver a distance education instruction plans in such a manner that our students can complete their respective program, pass their certification tests, and be prepared to find employment. We are working to ensure as smooth a transition as possible but ask for your cooperation as adjustments may be needed when additional information is received, or as directives from state officials evolve.

Kiamichi Technology Centers is committed to doing our part in protecting our communities during this public health crisis. Our campuses have already started donating PPE (personal protective equipment) to local healthcare organizations. We will continue to seek out ways to serve our communities.

Continue to stay connected to us virtually, via @KiamichiTech on Facebook and Twitter; and, check out our COVID-19 response webpage at

Be Safe - Be Strong - Stay Informed!

Shelley Free



In an effort to ensure we are making the best decisions for the health and safety of our students, staff and communities, and in accordance to a mandate from the Oklahoma State Department of Education, Kiamichi Technology Centers will invoke an operational shutdown in an attempt to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Beginning March 19, at 5:00 p.m. through April 3, our campuses will be completely shut down. During this time, staff, students and stakeholders will not be permitted on any campus. The only exception: Essential staff will report to their respective campuses on April 2 and 3, to clean and prepare for facilities to open on April 6th.

In an attempt to mitigate group gatherings, all classes, meetings, trainings and travel are cancelled. This includes on-and-off campus events, all short-term courses, business trainings and facility usage. The State Department of Education mandate does not allow any instructional related activities to occur during the closure.

This is an unprecedented situation, and it continues to evolve by the hour. We know this uncertainty can cause anxiety and worry, but we want to assure you that Kiamichi Tech is doing everything possible to ensure the needs of students and employees will be met during this unique time.

We encourage you to comply with what health officials have recommended as well. If you can, please stay home and enjoy family time. If you must go out, please practice social distancing, allowing at least six feet between you and other individuals. If you have questions about COVID-19, please contact your medical professional or the county health department. You also can learn more about how to prevent the illness by visiting

Communication will be key during the next two weeks. It is our hope that accurate and up-to-date correspondence will combat fear and panic, as well as help you make well-informed decisions for your family. You also can get the latest information by visiting and following our social media accounts. Students and staff will also receive updates using School Messenger, our emergency mass communication platform.

For Kiamichi Tech, there is nothing more important than the safety and health of our students, staff and community. We are considering and planning for multiple scenarios beyond the current mandated closure. We will remain in close communication with state officials and ODTCE, and follow their recommendations as the situation progresses.

Thank you for your patience and trust as we navigate through this together.

Stay safe and stay informed!
Shelley Free



This afternoon, the Oklahoma State Board of Education voted to close all Oklahoma Public Schools effective immediately, until at least April 6th, in an effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Kiamichi Technology Centers will follow this guidance and close all campuses. District leadership will meet this week to discuss how this impacts our operations, our students, and our communities.  We will provide an update Wednesday afternoon. 

Stay safe and stay informed!
Shelley Free



The health of our students, faculty, campuses, and communities is of utmost importance to Kiamichi Technology Centers. We are continually monitoring the COVID-19 situation and will adapt as conditions warrant.

Preventive Measures

Our campuses have enhanced our cleaning procedures in the interest of health and safety. The following steps are being taken beginning March 13, through Spring Break:

  • Custodial staff members are disinfecting classrooms and taking extra care to sanitize common areas such as doorknobs, handrails, solid surfaces, countertops, etc.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing procedures on buses and other district vehicles will be enhanced
  • Additional hand sanitizing stations will be placed across campuses
  • Informational posters with proper hand washing techniques and other personal hygiene tips will be posted in restrooms and common areas

Additionally, all school-related, out-of-state travel has been suspended through April 30. 

Spring Break Travel

We understand many students and employees will be traveling over spring break, we hope those who do will familiarize themselves with the protocols from the CDC and follow their advice and recommendations.

Staff and students traveling out of the country or to New York, Washington State, or California, have been asked to voluntarily notify administration so appropriate precautions, as outlined by the CDC, can be taken. Be advised that such travel may run the risk of being quarantined by state or national officials.

Additionally, anyone registered for a short-term class or training that has traveled to the above menitioned locations should contact their local campus prior to the class, so appropriate precautions can be taken.

Stay informed from the CDC and the Oklahoma State Department of Health by visiting

We will remain in contact with state health officials over the course of Spring Break and will provide updates to our District response to this situation as necessary.

Thank you for your patience and trust in our district as we navigate through these challenging circumstances.

Have a safe and healthy Spring Break,

Shelley Free
Kiamichi Technology Centers

comment posted by Kiamichi Technology Centers on 03-19-2020
Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately, we are unsure at this time when our short term classes will be rescheduled. We do appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult situation. Please check your emails and we will connect you with your local coordinator.
comment posted by Cindy Maldonado on 03-19-2020
I was suppose to be paying for the cna classes this Friday. The start date was March 23rd. The school won’t answer. What is the new start date and when is the payment deadline
comment posted by Joslyn Jarvis on 03-17-2020
I paid for the phlebotomy class recently will the class pushed until after April 6th as well?
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